Decorate the glass door or window of the staircase with glass paint.

It was during a question she had posed to the FAQ that we have got to know Hayet.

She practiced painting on glass for some time and has kindly sent us some pictures of her accomplishments and detailing his technique for use by all those who want to imitate.

Glass painting is not limited in effect to the interior of objects, it also helps your decoration if you use it to transform into a glass door, window overlooking the courtyard of your bathroom, the glass opening of the cage staircase, a mirror.

Geometric patterns or figurative, set in monochrome or colorful, everything is imaginable to suit your decor.

In addition to being fun to play, it's tailor!

Here a bunch cons whose colors have been deliberately limited. Remember, in effect, the colors harmonize with those of the room where the glass will be placed
The picture changes depending on time of day.

Such a setting requires that you have a model to fit the window to decorate.
Choose the pattern that corresponds to the proportions of the support. It is occupying harmoniously.
Also think before you start any border
To highlight this picture of a glass aquarium and directed, Hayet has installed a light inside the frame ...
I usually paint Décorfin Glass (Royal Talens) as well as a clear outline of the same mark for the seam (Contour Paint, available in five colors).

I am inspired in general patterns for silk painting that I find in magazines. A pattern of design is often provided. I change the dimensions to the copier by increasing or decreasing them to suit my needs.

To see the pattern on the glass, I put the drawing below, the stand with a tape and resume directly on the ground where the glass tube contour.

The crimped dry, I paint flowers and leaves, trying to play on the colors for gradients.

To enhance the decor, provide relief and movement, I draw on this painting when dry ribs to the leaves and petals. For the heart of the flowers I use sequins or simply colored according to the initial color of the flower. "
Congratulations to Hayet for its highly professional achievements and our thanks for his contribution which we are confident it will be very useful to readers who want to go.
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